July 16, 2013

The earth works to a rhythm. The sun sets and rises. Weather cycles through seasons which plants and animals follow. Our family follows a rhythm. We follow daily and seasonal rhythms and seem better for it.

We did not always follow rhythms, we were scarcely aware that they existed. Often we resisted them, insisting that our children just did not need them. Children love rhythms; they love the predictability, as it seems to give them understanding of a chaotic day.

Our journey towards rhythm started when we joined a Steiner playgroup. We observed how the teacher wove rhythm into the day through songs and stories. We extended these ideas of Steiner into our family life.

Rhythms seem to focus us on the natural world. Rather than automate us, it gives us awareness of the alchemy of life. We permit time to notice the changing colours of the seasons, the changing hues when the temperature drops and when it gets warm again. We eat in rhythms, sleep and clean in a rhythm. Even daily tasks take on a slightly meditative quality when they are part of a pattern and part of the education of your children.

Rhythms take time and effort to create. They help shape the way you approach life, often simplifying it. As parents we have needed to adjust to the song of parenthood and those strong currents of individual wants are swept up in the flow. Rhythms can be freeing. They give us time for our children, time for the garden and time for the beach. They help us become children again.

The rhythm takes many forms; we dress and eat seasonally. Toys and songs change with the seasons. Our vegetable garden keeps us in step with the seasons.

Rhythms help us celebrate. Prior, our cynicism made it difficult to see through the mire of commercialism that soils most major festivals. Now we cherish the simplicity of the seasonal celebrations; Christmas, Easter, Winter and Summer Solstices, all celebrated with simplicity and thought.

This blog will reflect the seasons, so the subject matter has a rhythm that matches ours. Hopeful we will be able to share the rhythm of our life, on a small farm, at the end of the rainbow bridge.

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